Transformation - Mission Operations - Data Analytics

Our capabilities are broken into 3 major service areas

We support our governement and commercial customers with operational activities as well as through the entire life cycle of change: Definition Planning Transition Operation Tuning. Once in steady state, we support project and program management, business operations service center, performance monitoring, survey administration, records processing, acquisition processing, communications and outreach, and other consulting areas.

Within both service areas we bring the best of breed team of experts, consultants, mangers, technicians, and other specialists to perform our core services, which can be performed independently or within an integrated model leveraging multiple skill sets simultaneously. Each service area delivers specific results of value to our customers – mission alignment, improved transparency, comprehensive services, and reliable solutions to their stakeholders. Below highlights key offerings within the two complementary service areas.

Transformation Services

Our Transformation Services support leadership in their efforts to address new mission objectives and direction. The services offered within this service area include:

  • Agile Improvement – defining and changing new business models, both in new and existing operational environments
  • Strategic Consulting – from thought leadership to specialized skills, we help Chief Executive Officers, members of the Senior Executive Service, and others
  • Stakeholder Engagement – building teams, understanding our clients’ customers, and effectively collaborating with them are essential for success whether you need access to an internationally-certified facilitator or pulling together a national public-private conference

Mission Operations

Our Mission Operations Services support clients’ business functions with a focus on improving operational performance. We enable our customers to provide higher quality day-to-day services to their user communities, within and outside of their Agency. Areas of support for our Mission Operations teams include:

  • Customer Service & Records Processing – first line of support for our clients’ stakeholders, employees and customers in gathering data, remediating issues and updating system records (e.g., FOIA, acquisitions, human resource files)
  • Independent Verification – advisory support, recognizing need for confidentially and potential restriction to future contracting based on Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI)
  • Workforce Improvements & Collaboration – streamlining variety of activities and inserting automation when feasible, while ensuring broadest involvement possible

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics focuses on various forms of data using an array of tools and methodologies. We analyze and interpret large volumes of information within internal and external populations to describe current conditions and predict future trends/needs. Areas of support include:

  • Automate time-intensive tasks, such as classifying, tracking, and analyzing large quantities of structured and unstructured data
  • Boost efficiency using machine learning to enable organizations to shift human resources to higher value activities
  • Process text data using Natural Language Processing to classify underlying content and sentiment to better understand the themes and opinions in reports, documents, emails, surveys, and social media