Our focus includes transformation services to define and support new ways of doing business and mission operations.

You’ve got a challenge! That is where we start

Whether it is helping define and solve or stepping in with extra hands.


Facilitate strategic reviews and apply more than 50 years of commercial and government experience to recommend new way of doing business.


Find new ways of doing business better, faster, and cheaper… using creative changes to technology, process and/or people.


Provide operational support for mission offices, strategic programs, high-profile initiatives, national events, and more…and metrics to demonstrate results.

CIDVER is different from other small businesses

We apply proven experience to deliver both high-end transformation consulting and pragmatic operational services with transparent results.

Our operational support helps us know that our transformation ideas will work. Our consulting expertise enables us to help clients continually improve their operations.

Our approach allows us to effectively work in different environments, applying our experience and skill sets to current and new markets. Our staff have worked in a variety of operational environments – healthcare, transportation, information technology, and many more. Please let us know your needs – we will help you determine how we can help!