We help our customers excel…
Our success translates into their outcomes!


CIDVER has achieved a range of results for our clients and demonstrated success across a range of capabilities and contract types. For instance, we have supported enterprise-wide, multi-project efforts; capability-specific contracts for Federal customers; and mission improvement initiatives for commercial organizations. Read on to learn more about our clients and success stories.

Our clients range from executives to technical staff and work within a variety of disciplines (e.g., training, technology, human resources, acquisitions). Below is a sampling of our customers and why they have relied on us for various projects.

Headquarter & Regional Offices – Virtual support for regional offices and personnel throughout the country – whether it was coordinating testing, processing records, leading communication and governance efforts, or providing other support – we offer central help desk services for mission operations.

Program Directors, Analysts – Whether they needed help to implement a new solution, report contract performance or turn around a project, CIDVER had the expertise without risk of organizational conflict of interest.

Learning Officers, Training Directors, Instructors – Others deliver training, we determine effectiveness and whether government personnel are learning.

Information Officers – Proven know-how and expertise to lead national change initiative to move from 14 independent ways of delivering services to shared services model.

Communication Leads – Whether building, using, and promoting digital media or supporting full lifecycle support for multi‐agency trade shows, we are a go-to resource for reaching our clients’ stakeholders.

Clinical Application Coordinators – Collaboration and communication channels to help more than 150 facilities and 360,000 people overcome communication and technical challenges.

Contract Officer Representatives, Program Managers – Through cradle to grave support, our contract specialists help get requirements succinctly onto paper ensuring compliance with regulations and enabling program offices to focus on their mission rather than paperwork.