Our Primary Marketplace is Federal Civilian Agencies

Executive Offices

For both commercial and Federal organizations, we have supported the C-level and Senior Executive Service leaders, teams, and organizations. In addition to planned tasking, we also support Congressional, Secretary, judicial, and other oversight reviews and reporting.

Customer Care

We help clients engage with their customers through variety of channels (e.g., customer satisfaction survey, training, industry tradeshow, contact center). Insights gathered are used to improve alignment with customers’ needs and advance the organizational mission.

Mission Domains

Whether it be transportation, healthcare, benefits (e.g., educational scholarships, insurance), or another mission area, we support operational offices that are on the front-line of delivering services to the public and other government stakeholders.

Human Resources

Services span both functionally (e.g., classification, compensation, performance management, employee relations) and organizationally (e.g., manager, staff, HR professionals). Our teams also support training, training effectiveness, records processing, and other actions.

Information Technology (IT)

Every Department has a Chief Information Office and some organizations have more than one. We have helped move towards Shared Services models, deliver governance and program management support for enterprise implementations, and other IT-centric tasks.

Acquisition & Contracting

We support full lifecycle from market research to acquisition planning to award through administration and close-out. We also have created and operated audit and evaluation process for services contracts. Our teams also help manage simplified micro-purchases.