From Vision to Reality, achieving results and continually improving for the past decade.

Our Own Transformation Story

2019: You!
Expanding our customer & employee base… join the winning team!

2018: Continuity of Operations
Continued to increase presence in disaster recovery zone and achieved uninterrupted operations while others closed for weeks or months.

2017: Strategic Move
Operating two service centers and delivering other services in our new NC office.

2016: Success
Our model works… Where else do we go? Who else should we support?

2015: Continued Expansion
Transformation applied to new domains (e.g., acquisition, human resources).

2014: Prime Contracts
Sustained success led to prime vehicles in Federal marketplace.

2013: Office
Increased staff and extended into multiple states.

2012: Portfolio
Growth into new customer markets.

2011: Credentials
Proven demonstration of ability to deliver.

2010: Vision
Idea to apply management expertise to help commercial and government clients.